Queen Program:

Concussion Bystander Training

50% of concussions go unreported.

(Sources 1-3)

Programs that lack reporting skills are not effective in the real world.

(Source 4)

20 minute online training video

How does a concussion happen?

Recognize the two ways this injury occurs and what a concussion is.

What is a concussion?

Red flags, associated conditions, and the signs and symptoms involved.

Five profiles of concussion, making it easy to remember.

Recovery and treatment that follows a concussion.

What can I do if I'm concerned for a concussion?

Three step process for reporting your concern for concussion

Improve concussion care, everywhere by sharing this program

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Help your community get better care by becoming trained as a concussion bystander.

You will gain access to:

  • 1-page tip sheet for quick reference

  • Training videos to be an effective bystander

  • Community and network of concussion experts


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